My Journey to a Thinner, Healthier Me

Welcome to my Blog. I hope you enjoy reading along as my journey goes along, my rants and raves, my successes and my disappointments.

About Me

I was born June 18th, 1961 on Father's Day to Earl & Martha Sibbald. Was raised in the township of Wainfleet where my parents still live in the house my father built. I have 1 younger brother. I graduated Port Colborne High School in 1978 and went on to Sheridan college where I studied animated cartooning. Do to major problem with my knees and many surgeries, I never completed my college education at Sheridan. I took piano lessons when I was younger and even won a Gold Medal in the Niagara Falls Kawanis Music Festival. I went on to learn how to play many instruments including, baritone sax, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and bit of the banjo. I went on the road with a band from Oshawa for 3 years, playing all over Ontario before moving back to Niagara, living in Welland and played bass guitar in a few local bands for about 15 years. I Love to draw & paint. I am self taught in crocheting and I love all kinds of crafty things to do.

Weight Tracker

My Journey Begins Feb 1, 2007

  • Starting Weight: 299lbs
  • May 31/07: 270 lbs - 10% goal reached!
  • July 26/07 258.6 lbs. 40.4 pounds reached!
  • Sept 13/07: 248.4 lbs. 50.6 pounds lost!
  • Nov 1/07: 238.2 lbs 60.8 pounds lost!
  • Dec 13/07: 228.8 lbs 70.2 pounds lost!
  • Feb 14/08: 218.6 lbs 80.4 pounds lost!
  • Apr 24/08: 209 lbs - 90 pounds lost!
  • May 29/08: 198.8 lbs. 100.2 pounds gone!
  • July 10/08: 189 lbs 110 pounds gone!
  • July 17/08: 186.4 lbs
  • July 24/08: 184.8 lbs
  • July 31/08: 183.6 lbs
  • Aug. 7/08: 181.8 lbs
  • Aug 14/08: 183.4 lbs
  • GOAL!!!!!!!!!! AUG 21/08: 179.2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! Total lost: 119.8 lbs

Onto Maintenance Now

  • Aug 28/08: 178.4 lbs
  • Sept 4/08: 178.6 lbs
  • Sept 11/08: 177 lbs
  • Sept 18/08: 178 lbs
  • Sept 25/08: 175.6 lbs
  • Oct 2/08: 177.2 LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dec 11/08: 172.4
  • Jan. 8/09: 169.4
  • Feb/09: 172.4 lbs
  • Mar 12/09: 174 lbs
  • April 9/09: 171.6

Marsha @ Crib Banquet 2009

Marsha @ Crib Banquet 2009
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maintaining Well

So today was the day I decided I would get dressed for the colder temps to arrive and wore long pants to WI instead of shorts. I was up 1 pound but I knew it was the clothing so no worries there.

Today's topic at the meeting was all about our mindset and how our thinking can influence our success or failure, not just with living a healthy lifestyle but in all walks of life. The power of positive thinking is the only way to look at things. I was one who never thought I could achieve my goal when I started WW. 120 pounds was just too overwhelming. But as time went on, I listened intently to our leader and took it all in. As the weight started to come off, I was feeling better, able to do more and then it was like a light bulb went off and I was saying,"I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS" I learned to say No Thank You and not feel guilty about it. I am doing this for me.

I do say THANK YOU to Weight Watchers and all the wonderful people I have come to think of as friends and my "other" family. Our leader is wonderful. The meetings are interesting and she makes you feel that you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life. You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to help everyone succeed.
I hope one day, to be able to do the same thing.

For anyone reading my blog, I want you to know that Weight Watchers is the BEST and HEALTHIEST way to live. It is NOT a diet and ALL your goals are attainable. YOU CAN DO IT!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello Everyone!

I have not been keeping up with posting as of later so here is an update.

Maintenance is going very well. Tomorrow will be WI #4 and I am currently 3 pounds under my goal weight. Maintenance is tricky. Developing a new mindset, getting used to not wanting to see the numbers go down on the scale.

October 2nd is the big day. I will achieve Lifetime Status at the meetings and I am very excited about that. I feel great. Everyone but 1 person (and she is no longer a part of my life) thinks I look fantastic. I had to go get a new pic taken for diver's license yesterday and even the girl at the counter commented positively by comparing the old and new pics. I plan on taking my camera to the meeting on the 2nd and asking one of the other members to take some shots of me and our leader when I get my GOLD card.

One thing I have learned on this journey is the power of being positive. Positive thinking and getting rid of the negativity around me. Negativity bring on more of the same and can be detrimental to our successes, be it weight loss, healthy living, work, every part of our lives.

My doctor is just so thrilled with me. Everytime I go to see him for a check up etc. he just comes into the room smiling, so happy. He said that in all his years of doctoring, I am the very first patient he has had, that has lost this amount of weight without diet pills or surgery. He is sooooooo proud of me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 2 Complete

Well, week 2 of maintenance is now complete and I am maintaining my weight just fine so far. Maintenance is a whole new ballgame. Totally different mindset and not easy. After 19 months of wanting to see the scale numbers go down, it is hard to want to see them stay the same or very close to the goal weight. I have some play room with a loss last week but not enough that I want to just say to heck with it and go wild.

We are on the move again by the end of October. Things just are not working out here in the new apartment and it is best if we get outta here ASAP. Most people want to eat when they are stressed and I WAS like that too. Now I find I am just the opposite and I am very stressed right now but am making sure I am eating ALL my daily points.

It is so important to fuel our bodies properly with healthy foods. I have learned that not eating or not eating the proper foods is a surefire way to put the pounds on.