My Journey to a Thinner, Healthier Me

Welcome to my Blog. I hope you enjoy reading along as my journey goes along, my rants and raves, my successes and my disappointments.

About Me

I was born June 18th, 1961 on Father's Day to Earl & Martha Sibbald. Was raised in the township of Wainfleet where my parents still live in the house my father built. I have 1 younger brother. I graduated Port Colborne High School in 1978 and went on to Sheridan college where I studied animated cartooning. Do to major problem with my knees and many surgeries, I never completed my college education at Sheridan. I took piano lessons when I was younger and even won a Gold Medal in the Niagara Falls Kawanis Music Festival. I went on to learn how to play many instruments including, baritone sax, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and bit of the banjo. I went on the road with a band from Oshawa for 3 years, playing all over Ontario before moving back to Niagara, living in Welland and played bass guitar in a few local bands for about 15 years. I Love to draw & paint. I am self taught in crocheting and I love all kinds of crafty things to do.

Weight Tracker

My Journey Begins Feb 1, 2007

  • Starting Weight: 299lbs
  • May 31/07: 270 lbs - 10% goal reached!
  • July 26/07 258.6 lbs. 40.4 pounds reached!
  • Sept 13/07: 248.4 lbs. 50.6 pounds lost!
  • Nov 1/07: 238.2 lbs 60.8 pounds lost!
  • Dec 13/07: 228.8 lbs 70.2 pounds lost!
  • Feb 14/08: 218.6 lbs 80.4 pounds lost!
  • Apr 24/08: 209 lbs - 90 pounds lost!
  • May 29/08: 198.8 lbs. 100.2 pounds gone!
  • July 10/08: 189 lbs 110 pounds gone!
  • July 17/08: 186.4 lbs
  • July 24/08: 184.8 lbs
  • July 31/08: 183.6 lbs
  • Aug. 7/08: 181.8 lbs
  • Aug 14/08: 183.4 lbs
  • GOAL!!!!!!!!!! AUG 21/08: 179.2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! Total lost: 119.8 lbs

Onto Maintenance Now

  • Aug 28/08: 178.4 lbs
  • Sept 4/08: 178.6 lbs
  • Sept 11/08: 177 lbs
  • Sept 18/08: 178 lbs
  • Sept 25/08: 175.6 lbs
  • Oct 2/08: 177.2 LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dec 11/08: 172.4
  • Jan. 8/09: 169.4
  • Feb/09: 172.4 lbs
  • Mar 12/09: 174 lbs
  • April 9/09: 171.6

Marsha @ Crib Banquet 2009

Marsha @ Crib Banquet 2009
click on image for a few more photos

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mid Week

Sorry no new pictures yet..... have to get someone to take pics and have just been too busy, Will hopefully have a couple new ones this week sometime. The week has been going well, totally OP. All of a sudden a pair of jogging pants I have been wearing are falling off me! It was like one day they fit, the next they were too big! I really need to go out to a second hand store and find a few pairs of slacks or something to wear. I have 1 pair of jeans that actually fit me and that is it. With the cooler weather fast approaching, I am going to need something and just hate going out and paying good money for clothes that I know will be too big in the near future.

Friday, September 14, 2007

WOOOHOOOO Another Milestone Reached!

Oh I am so Happy. This week at WI I lost 2.6 pounds and making it a grand total of 50.6 pounds. As promised, I will posting new pics of me which I will get my SO or friend to take this weekend.

All I can say to anyone reading is that if you are ready to lose weight, you have to want to do it for you and only you. It doesn't matter which weight loss program you choose or if you are doing it on your own, just remember to eat healthy by following the Canada Food Guide for eating, get in some activity, drink lots of water (at least 6 cups a day), journal your food intake faithfully and don't focus on the end result. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet so it's for life. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS and you will succeed! Slow and Steady wins.