My Journey to a Thinner, Healthier Me

Welcome to my Blog. I hope you enjoy reading along as my journey goes along, my rants and raves, my successes and my disappointments.

About Me

I was born June 18th, 1961 on Father's Day to Earl & Martha Sibbald. Was raised in the township of Wainfleet where my parents still live in the house my father built. I have 1 younger brother. I graduated Port Colborne High School in 1978 and went on to Sheridan college where I studied animated cartooning. Do to major problem with my knees and many surgeries, I never completed my college education at Sheridan. I took piano lessons when I was younger and even won a Gold Medal in the Niagara Falls Kawanis Music Festival. I went on to learn how to play many instruments including, baritone sax, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and bit of the banjo. I went on the road with a band from Oshawa for 3 years, playing all over Ontario before moving back to Niagara, living in Welland and played bass guitar in a few local bands for about 15 years. I Love to draw & paint. I am self taught in crocheting and I love all kinds of crafty things to do.

Weight Tracker

My Journey Begins Feb 1, 2007

  • Starting Weight: 299lbs
  • May 31/07: 270 lbs - 10% goal reached!
  • July 26/07 258.6 lbs. 40.4 pounds reached!
  • Sept 13/07: 248.4 lbs. 50.6 pounds lost!
  • Nov 1/07: 238.2 lbs 60.8 pounds lost!
  • Dec 13/07: 228.8 lbs 70.2 pounds lost!
  • Feb 14/08: 218.6 lbs 80.4 pounds lost!
  • Apr 24/08: 209 lbs - 90 pounds lost!
  • May 29/08: 198.8 lbs. 100.2 pounds gone!
  • July 10/08: 189 lbs 110 pounds gone!
  • July 17/08: 186.4 lbs
  • July 24/08: 184.8 lbs
  • July 31/08: 183.6 lbs
  • Aug. 7/08: 181.8 lbs
  • Aug 14/08: 183.4 lbs
  • GOAL!!!!!!!!!! AUG 21/08: 179.2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! Total lost: 119.8 lbs

Onto Maintenance Now

  • Aug 28/08: 178.4 lbs
  • Sept 4/08: 178.6 lbs
  • Sept 11/08: 177 lbs
  • Sept 18/08: 178 lbs
  • Sept 25/08: 175.6 lbs
  • Oct 2/08: 177.2 LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dec 11/08: 172.4
  • Jan. 8/09: 169.4
  • Feb/09: 172.4 lbs
  • Mar 12/09: 174 lbs
  • April 9/09: 171.6

Marsha @ Crib Banquet 2009

Marsha @ Crib Banquet 2009
click on image for a few more photos

Thursday, April 26, 2007

2nd 10 pound Goal Met!

Woohooo! I made my 2nd 10 lb. goal today and have lost a total of 20.8 pounds. Can't believe it's already the end of April and I'm 3 months into this new lifestyle. I had a huge victory last evening when I went out for dinner with my teammates from Cribbage. We went to the Mandarin. I stayed totally on the program, had a wonderful healthy meal (no Chinese food at all) and came home satisfied and proud that I had the willpower to stay away from all the goodies there were on the buffet.

I started with a nice green salad with a grapefruit/ginger dressing, peel & eat shrimp, baked salmon, mashed potatoes and a small ear of corn. I also allowed myself 1 vodka and soda with a lime wedge to celebrate the team coming in first place for the season. That hurdle completed and conquered! Next hurdle, the banquet May 5th. I got into my dress slacks for the first time in over a year and have bought a new top for the banquet as well. Will take pics and post 1 next weekend.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good Week

Weigh-in 12 was fantastic! I lost 3 pounds and am 9.2 lbs from my first 10% goal. I got in 13 activity points this week and for me, that is a huge success. I am aiming for 14 activity points this week. I am 185.5 km into my Trek Across Canada as of this morning.

Spring has finally sprung here. What a beautiful day out there. So nice to have windows open and be able to go out with no coat. Not much else happening here. I just got in from grocery shopping and I think everyone was out getting things for BBQing tonight.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

First Gain

Well I had my first gain this week of .6 lbs. I was a bit disappointed as I was on program all week and never cheated once with an Easter goodie. But being sick with a bad cold, and the 14 hour fasting for blood tests didn't help. I'm sure my body was in shock not feeding it for all those hours. I was sooooooo hungry! I got in 4 less activity points as well. So I know what I need to do this week to get rid of the .6 of a pound and more! Onto a great week and WI for week 11!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Made It Through Easter

Well I made it through the Easter weekend totally on program and felt so great, only to wake up sick on Monday morning with a nasty cold. Didn't get any exercise in yesterday and only 10 mins on my exercise bike today. I sure hope this cold breaks soon so I get back at it! Am managing to eat all my daily points, despite the fact I can't taste a thing! WI is Thursday morning and hope I am down again. So close to my second 10 lb goal.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Another Week, Another Loss

Well I had my week 9 weigh in this morning. I am down another 2.2 lbs. for a grand total of 17.4 lbs! I am very proud of myself. It was a good week, stayed on program all week, got lots of water in and stepped up my activtiy. I am riding my exercise bike 16 mins. now at moderate intesity and I actually feel good when I get done. I am enjoying it! I usually watch TV while riding and it makes it goes by fast. I have completed 99km of my Trek Across Canada! (I have to ride yet today so that will add around another 6k or more)

Our meeting today was great as it usually is. We talked about Holiday time and eating out at a restaurant or at a family member's home. It can be a challenge and we need to make good, healthy choices, but not deny ourself that time out. I will be spending Easter Sunday with my parents and we're doing something different this year and having a BBQ instead of the standard Ham & Scalloped Potatoes. I am going to make my 0 point sauerkraut salad, and we're also going to have a nice tossed salad and I am going to slice some potatoes, brush them with olive oil mixed with spices and grill them as well. Should be a great dinner!